How To Print Without Black Ink Epson Printer? Let’s Find Out!

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When it comes to printing, the color of the ink is just as important as the ink itself. If your business uses a specialized ink cartridge, such as Cyan or Magenta, then you know the frustration of realizing that you’ve used up all the ink but forgot to stock up on black ink.  Even worse is when you’ve used up all the ink and the only ink you have is black. If this has ever happened to you, don’t worry. There are ways to print without black ink, and we’ll look at how to print without black ink Epson Printer.

As of the homeschooling and global pandemic, printers have gained a significant audience worldwide. And undoubtedly, Epson has also increased the list of loyal customers in the last couple of years.

They have a variety of printers, i-e, Laserjet, and inkjet are the ones, people love the most. These two models help to ease and speed up printing other than any printer. Even though you may not know it, your Epson printer can do much more than you expect. So, let’s begin.

How do I get my Epson printer to print without Black Ink?

Getting your Epson printer to print without black ink is quite easy, but if you are having problems with your printer not printing in black, you will need to calibrate your printer to print in black again. This is because the printer cartridges are not filled with black ink, but with color ink and black pigment, which are mixed together to make the black ink.

Since the printer cartridges are filled with color ink, the printer will have to have the color ink reset to print without black ink. To do this you will have to take out your cartridge and reset the printer to print in black again.

1 Steps To Follow For Windows Users:

  • Navigate the Control Panel and select (view devices and printers)
How To Print Without Black Ink Epson Printer
  • Locate your printer and press right-click on your mouse
  • Now, click on properties to open printer settings
  • After that, you’ll see ink set under the properties. Make sure to click on “color” option.
  • You’ll get alert “black ink cartridge empty”, so now, click on color set option.
  • Always make sure again!!! That you’ve clicked on apply to save all the changes that you have made recently.

2 Steps To Follow For MAC Users:

In order to achieve the same goal on a MAC, you have to follow the below steps in sequence in order to print without black ink on Epson with the use of monochromes:

  • Stop printing for 1 hours or 30 minutes
  • Now, open the dialogue box once you’re in the “Epson Printer utility”
  • Click on driver settings
  • After that, press permit temporary black printing
  • Next, you need to choose the ‘plain paper’ as a type setting in the print settings
  • Click on grayscale option
  • As previously said, make sure to click on OK to save all the changes that you have made recently.


If you have a printer that uses a cartridge with a chip on it, then you have to use a chip resetter to reset the chip. If you have a printer that doesn’t have a chip on the cartridge, then you can just remove the chip from the cartridge and then place it into the cartridge that has the ink that you want to use.

In order to use a chip resetter, you have to remove all the cartridges from the printer and then plug the chip resetter into the printer. Once the chip resetter is connected to the printer, you have to reset the chip.

You can do this by pressing a button on the chip resetter. Once the chip is reset, you can then place the cartridge that contains the ink that you want into the printer.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I print In Black and White only Epson?

Yes, you can print in Black and white with an Epson printer. You need to go to the printer properties. Change the color option to B/W Also, set the printing quality to half or draft.

How do I bypass the color ink on my Epson printer?

When using your Epson printer, it is possible to bypass the color ink in order to print in black and white. The printer has a built-in function to do just that. Simply open your printer software and select the print option, then uncheck the color box. This will cause your printer to print in black and white.

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