How to Check Printer Ink In Windows 10? Let’s Find Out!

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Printer ink can be expensive, so knowing exactly how much is left in your printer can help you save money. There are lots of different reports you can get from the Windows operating system, but the easiest way to see how much ink you have left is to install a printer driver utility. In this blog, we’ll look at how to check printer ink in Windows 10 from the print queue, from the system, and from the printer itself. So, without further ado, let’s get started!

Indications Of Low Printer Ink Level:

Ink cartridges may need to be replaced if your prints are faded or blotchy. A low ink level can cause the nozzle to clog when it dries out. Consequently, your printer may attempt to produce more ink than normal, which could result in a malfunction.


Regardless of the brand of printer, here is how to check it on Windows:

  • Click the Windows icon on your keyboard and type “Devices and Printers.”
  • Search the device and printer you’re trying to check the ink.
  • Click the printer, and you’ll see the remaining ink levels at the bottom of devices and printers in the Control Panel. It will appear under the status area, on which you can click to learn more.

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How Do I Check My Ink Levels On My Hp Printer?

  • Download and run HP Print and Scan Doctor on your Windows PC. Any problems will be identified automatically by this troubleshooting diagnostic.
  • Open the tool and click Printer/Supply Levels to check the ink levels in your HP printer. It will show the estimated toner and ink levels.
  • You will need to download HP Smart for Windows 10, Android, and iOS. It will display HP ink levels on the home page of the app.

How Do I Check Printer Ink Levels On My Canon Printer In Windows 10?

  • Open Canon IJ Status Monitor application.
  • Go to the view printer status screen by clicking on the maintenance tab.
  • On the pop-up screen, you can see the ink levels.
  • When you click on ‘ink detail,’ you will see an in-depth view of the remaining ink levels in your Canon printer.

How To Check How Much Ink Is Left In A Brother Printer?

  • The Brother status monitor can either be accessed from the LCD screen on the printer or from the PC’s control panel, depending on the model.
  • For ink volume options, click ink or ink management. Use the Status Monitor Utility to view ink status on your PC.
  • In the task tray, double-click the printer icon to check ink levels. By doing so, you’ll be able to see the ink’s color levels.
  • Go to Macintosh on a Mac and enter the following path: HD/Library/Printers/Brother/Utilities. 

How To Check Printer Ink Level On A Dell Printer?

How To Check Printer Ink Level On A Dell Printer
  • From the control panel on your PC, you can check the ink levels of your Dell printer.
  • Under hardware and sound, click on ‘view devices and printers.
  • Select the Dell ink levels tab from the printer options.
  • To find out what the true printing levels are, you can print a test page.

How To Check Printer Ink Levels On An Epson Printer?

  • Epson ink grade is tested via the Status Monitor Utility that comes with these printers.
  • If your device model has a start menu or home screen dashboard, you will be able to access this through the printer driver.
  • It will also show you numerous potential error information, such as paper jams.
  • However, the utility cannot compute the proper ink breakdown, if the ink cartridge in the printer is broken.

How Can I Tell If My Single Ink Cartridge Is Empty?

Now, you know how to Check Printer Ink In Windows 10, but what if there’s only a single toner or cartridge is empty?

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In this case, you can visit the control panel or click on the printer Utility app. Under the ink section, you will find all the information about a particular color toner or cartridge.

More so, your printer will automatically detect low-toner ink and blink a red or error light while printing a page. So, if you encounter such an error, check out toners and replace them asap.

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